This is a walkthrough for setup on the SWBTS wireless network at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. This walkthrough was performed using Windows Vista Business Edition. Other versions of Windows Vista may have slight differences but should have the same process overall.

Step One

Click on the Start (Windows button) and go to the “Control Panel” button on the right side.














Step Two

Within the “Connect to a network” section click the option to “set up a connection or network.”














Step Three

Choose the option to “Manually connect to a wireless network.” Then click next.














Step Four

If you are prompted to choose a wireless adapter, choose the “Wireless Network Connection” in the drop-down box. Then click next.














Step Five

In the connection setup box, title the network “SWBTS” and choose the security type “WPA2-Enterprise” and for the Encryption Type choose “AES.” You may want to check the box “Start this connection automatically” if you want wireless connectivity whenever it is available. Then click next.















Step Six

Your computer may prompt you that it has already detected the “SWBTS” network. If it does, just click on the option to use the existing network.














Step Seven

Now go back to the “Connect To” section from step 1 and right click on the “SWBTS” network. Choose the Properties option.















Step Eight

Within Properties go to the Security tab and click on Settings.
















Step Nine

In the security settings page, ensure that the “Validate Server Certificate” is unchecked and click on the Configure button toward the bottom of the window. Within that window, ensure that the box is unchecked that uses your windows login name and password for the wireless network.







Step Ten

Now you should be able to connect to the “SWBTS” network. For the username and password, use your information from the Student Account Information page. The username should be your first and middle initials followed by your last name, and your password (by default) is your student ID. You will want to leave the login domain blank. Check the save box at the bottom if you want these credentials to be stored.












Step Eleven

Open your internet browser and if you have done everything properly you should be able to browse the internet.