WebAdvisor is the primary Internet window used by students to manage their relationship with Southwestern. Students can search for course sections, verify registration dates and times, and register and drop sections.
Academic profiles provide students with information on the courses being taking (schedule), have taken (grades, GPA, and transcript), and plan to take (degree audit).
WebAdvisor also allows student to check on financial aid, and manage their financial relationship with Southwestern. Each student has access to registration statements including other financial obligations, such as housing.


WebAdvisor Support

If you have a questions about the information presented on WebAdvisor, please contact the appropriate department at 817.923.1921: Registrar (x2000), Financial Aid (x3080), or Business Office (x2400).
If you are unable to connect to WebAdvisor then please use the online tool to retrieve your online account credentials:

My Accounts

If you are having other technical problems accessing WebAdvisor, please contact the Information Technologies Help Desk (817.923.1921: x2660).