Zoom for Students

Fall 2018, SWBTS transitioned from Adobe Connect to Zoom as the supported video conferencing platform for classroom instruction (i.e. for Flexible, Synchronous, or Flexible-Access).

We have provided answers to some of the anticipated questions, as well as several links to helpful Zoom articles below. If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to Campus Technology (campustechnology@swbts.edu; 817-921-8555) or stop by the Help Desk (RB6 – Memorial Building).


  • Why the transition from Adobe Connect to Zoom?
    • Survey results from our Zoom pilot indicate that Zoom provides a more stable and reliable experience for our faculty and student users
    • Student surveys reported that learning was improved by the use of Zoom
    • Zoom has higher quality audio and video
    • Surveys indicated that Zoom is generally easier to use
  • How is Zoom similar to Adobe Connect?
    • They both provide you the ability to chat with other participants
    • They both allow you to screen share
    • They both let you record the meeting
  • How is Zoom different to Adobe Connect?
    • Zoom has a different user interface (more user friendly)
    • Zoom records directly to the host computer rather than to external servers

Helpful Articles