Zoom for Faculty

Fall 2018, SWBTS transitioned from Adobe Connect to Zoom as the supported video conferencing platform for classroom instruction (i.e. for Flexible, Synchronous, or Flexible-Access).

We have provided answers to some of the anticipated questions below. If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to Campus Technology (campustechnology@swbts.edu; 817-921-8555) or stop by the Help Desk (RB6 – Memorial Building).


  • Why the transition from Adobe Connect to Zoom?
    • Survey results from our Zoom pilot indicate that Zoom provides a more stable and reliable experience for our faculty and student users
    • Student surveys reported that learning was improved by the use of Zoom
    • Zoom has higher quality audio and video
    • Surveys indicated that Zoom is generally easier to use
  • Who will be provided a Zoom license?
    • Any professors who are scheduled to teach a flexible class, a synchronous live class, or who will have flex-access students in their PhD seminar will be issued a Zoom license for the current semester
    • These licenses will be reassigned at the formal conclusion of each academic semester
    • Select administrative offices will also be provided a Zoom license due to their regular academic programming need
  • If a department desires a Zoom license but does not meet the above categories, is there a way for them to get a Zoom license supported by AIT?
    • Yes, please contact AIT for more information regarding your particular situation
    • If you have a one-time or only occasional need, AIT will check out a license for your use
    • If you have a regular need, this may involve a budget transfer for the cost of the license, but AIT will take care of providing and supporting the license
  • How is Zoom similar to Adobe Connect?
    • They both provide you the ability to chat with other participants
    • They both allow you to screen share
    • They both let you record the meeting
  • How is Zoom different to Adobe Connect?
    • Zoom has a different user interface (more user friendly)
    • Zoom records directly to the host computer rather than to external servers
  • How do I retrieve my recorded files on Adobe Connect?
    • You will have until December 31, 2018 to retrieve your recordings off of the Adobe Connect servers
    • Contact AIT to check out an Adobe Connect license for 2 weeks at a time to be able to retrieve your recordings
    • If possible, it is best to do this before September 10, 2018 because at that time the number of licenses we have to check out will be reduced
  • Can I still use Adobe Connect for classes, meetings, etc.?
    • Adobe Connect will no longer be supported by AIT for the classroom or regular seminary business

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Please reach out to Campus Technology (campustechnology@swbts.edu; 817-921-8555) or stop by the Help Desk (RB6 – Memorial Building) if you have questions or for additional help finding the right solution for your need.