Wi-Fi Availability

Wi-Fi is available in all buildings on campus free of charge to students. The Wi-Fi network for students is named “SWBTS-Guest.” No password is required.

Do I need to purchase internet service in the dorms?

Each dorm has wifi routers installed on each floor. However, students also have the option of connecting with a local Internet Service Provider to provide them with Internet. However, the tenant is responsible for installation fees and service charges. Southwestern does not negotiate contract rates with these vendors. There are two primary options in the Fort Worth area:
•DSL Internet Service | AT&T | 4801 Bryant Irvin Road, Fort Worth | (800) 464-7928
•Cable Internet Service | Charter Communications | 4905 S Hulen St, Fort Worth | (888) 438-2427

Is the guest network monitored?

Campus Technology filters questionable websites and monitors for questionable activity.