Equipment Available to Check-Out to Faculty & Staff

Do you need to record a class in an older classroom that does not have recording equipment installed?

We have mobile recording units that we can check out for this purpose

Do you need to connect your computer to a classroom projector or TV for a presentation?

We have adapters available to check out to Faculty to connect your computers to external displays.

Do you need to check out a Zoom license to host a meeting?

We have Zoom licenses available to check out for a limited time to allow you to host your own meetings.

Do you need to check out an Adobe Connect license to retrieve old recordings or host a meeting that requires Adobe Connect?

We have a limited number of Adobe Connect licenses still available to check out for 2 weeks at a time, should you need.

What other types of equipment do you have to check out?

We also have bamboo tablets and a teleconferencing base station to check out to Faculty.

Stop by the Help Desk in RB6 or give us a call at  817-921-8555 to arrange to check out any equipment.