At first, taking an online test can be daunting. So we have prepared a few best practices that will make the process a whole lot easier.Most online tests do not allow retries. Once you access the test, you can’t leave and come back later and finish it. So we recommend that you master these best practices before you begin your first test!

Very important: Make sure that you are using a web browser that is fully compatible with the Blackboard environment. Online test-taking can fail if you use an incompatible browser. Please visit this page to see a list of supported web browsers.

What you need to know about taking Blackboard tests:

1.Do not open the test until you are ready to start taking it! If you open an exam just to preview it, you will be locked out after you exit it.

2.Do not use a computer with a wireless connection to the Internet when taking a test in Blackboard. Use a home computer with a cable connection or one of the computers at Roberts Library to ensure that there are no issues while taking the exam.

3.If you have a scroll-wheel on your mouse, do not use it while taking an exam! Students who have used the scroll-wheel to scroll down the test page have inadvertently changed the answers they entered on their tests.

4.Type and save answers to essay questions in Notepad before entering them in the exam This way, you have a copy of your answers just in case you lose your Internet connection and need to re-take the exam.

5.Do not use the web browser back button or forward button when taking an exam. This will lock you out of your test.

What do I do if I lose my Internet connection and Blackboard locks me out of the exam?

You will need to contact your professor by phone or email. He or she will need to reset the exam so that you can re-take it.

What else do I need to know about taking a test in Blackboard?

Here are some very important tips for taking Blackboard exams:
1.When you are ready to take the exam, click the link to the exam only once! Clicking the link twice may lock you out of the exam.

2.Disable all window pop-up blocking software before taking an exam. This type of software can prevent you from completing a Blackboard exam successfully.

3.Do not open a new web browser window while you are taking the exam. This could reload the quiz and lock you out of it.

4.Do not click any Blackboard links outside the exam area. For example, do not click any Blackboard menu links such as Assignments or Announcements. This will cause Blackboard to submit the exam prematurely and you will be locked out.

5.Do not resize the browser window while taking the exam. Some browsers will erase any information you have provided in the answer text fields if you re-size the browser window. Needless to say, you will have to re-enter your answers. Some browsers may even lock you out of the exam if you resize the window. Maximize the web browser window before you begin the exam.

6.Click the exam’s Submit button only once! Be patient. It may take a minute or two if you have a slow Internet connection.


Contact your professor during office hours if your web browser crashes; you lose your Internet connection; or some other issue locks you out of your exam prematurely.