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Blackboard Approved Browsers

New Blackboard System Requirements We recently upgraded Blackboard. With that upgrade comes new system requirements.   IMPORTANT NOTE: Web browsers on mobile devices (such as smartphones and iPads) are not supported. Certain types of exams and interactive... Read More »

The Blackboard App for students

Introducing Blackboard App for students Using the Blackboard App, students can engage with their courses anywhere, anytime. You can learn more about the app here. There is no cost for this app. Not all activities can be performed using this app. For examp... Read More »

How To Submit A Paper To Turnitin

Need help submitting papers to Turnitin? You’ve come to the right place. There are two types of assignment tools in Blackboard. Your professor might use either one. If your professor opts to use the Turnitin assignment tool, you will see an icon next to ... Read More »

Blackboard Name Changes

Blackboard just announced significant name changes for the student and instructor mobile apps. Based on significant global client feedback, the mobile applications, Bb Student and Bb Instructor, will receive new names.  Bb Student will become “Blackboard”... Read More »

Viewing Your Grademark Paper

Viewing Your Grademark Paper Download the PDF file .... Read More »

Online Research

You can now connect to most of the specialized databases subscribed to by Robert’s Library. What if I encounter problems? As always, if you have questions, you may contact the Roberts Library Reference Desk to report difficulties connecting to a database... Read More »

Turnitin and GradeMark

NEW: We have posted a document on posting documents with Greek and Hebrew fonts to Turnitin. This document lists the fonts and file formats that are readable in the Turnitin environment. Obtain it here. Turnitin and GradeMark are online services that have been... Read More »

Posting Greek and Hebrew in Blackboard

IMPORTANT: You must use the Firefox web browser if your professor requires you to type Greek or Hebrew into a Blackboard textbox. The Firefox web browser is a free download. You cannot use Microsoft Internet Explorer at this time – it generates an underl... Read More »

Taking an Exam in Blackboard

At first, taking an online test can be daunting. So we have prepared a few best practices that will make the process a whole lot easier.Most online tests do not allow retries. Once you access the test, you can’t leave and come back later and finish it. S... Read More »

Resetting your password for Blackboard

This is a walkthrough for how to reset your password for Blackboard. Step One Click the Forgot Your Password link on the blackboard login page. It is located near the Login Button. Blackboard Login page                 &... Read More »

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