Blackboard just announced significant name changes for the student and instructor mobile apps.

Based on significant global client feedback, the mobile applications, Bb Student and Bb Instructor, will receive new names.  Bb Student will become “Blackboard”, and Bb Instructor will become “Blackboard Instructor”.  These new names better reflect how users refer to the applications and what they search for in app stores.

When will these changes take place?

  • “Blackboard” app (formerly Bb Student)  The Blackboard app is available now in app stores as Bb Student.  The new name will be formally changed in app stores with the Blackboard app’s July release, which is scheduled for mid-July.
  • “Blackboard Instructor” app (formerly Bb Instructor)  The Blackboard Instructor application is scheduled to be released in over 100 countries in July 2017 on the Apple and Google Play app stores for smartphone and tablet devices.