This is a walkthrough for setting up a student Office365 email account on an Android device.

Step One

Click the Settings icon to navigate to the Settings page.


Step Two

On the Settings page, choose the Accounts option under Settings. In the Accounts screen, click the Add Account option. This will open a selection window (see next step).


Step Three

Select the Exchange option.


Step Four

Enter your email address and password. The password is the same as your WebAdvisor account.


Step Five

You may get a pop-up asking for Activation. If so, click OK. In the next window, fill in the server name and your user name. The username will be the same as your email.


Step Six

Again, you may get a pop-up asking to allow activation. If so, click OK. You will then be asked if you will allow remote security administration. Click OK. This will allow you to sync with your calendar, tasks, and contacts.


Step Seven

Select the options you would like for your student email and touch save to complete the setup.