This is a walkthrough for how to reset your password for Blackboard.

Step One

Click the Forgot Your Password link on the blackboard login page. It is located near the Login Button.

Blackboard Login page


 Step Two

The next page will be a Lost Password form. There are two options: a username option and an email address option. The email address option does not always work, so please use the username option. Fill in the text fields for this option but leave the text fields for the email address option blank.








Make sure you insert your first name in the First Name field. This must be the first name that we have on record – not a middle name or a nickname. When you have filled in the three text fields in the Username Option, click the Submit button.

Step Three

Upon completing the Lost Password form, a green box will appear on the Blackboard login page. This box will confirm that an email has been sent to your student account with a link to reset your password.


Step Four

After opening your student email you will need to find the email with the subject “Lost Password Notification.” Inside the email there will be a link that will take you to a form to reset your password.


Step Five

Enter your new password in both the ‘Password’ and the ‘Verify Password’ text fields. Click the Submit button to finish resetting your password for Blackboard.