Web Browser/Operating System Requirements

As of September 16, 2014:

The following technologies are no longer supported:

  • Internet Explorer 6,7,8

  • Firefox 1.x,2.0,3.0,3.5, and 3.6

  • Safari 2.0, 3.x (no Safari browser is supported on Windows)

  • Mac OSX 10.3, 10.4, 10.5

  • JRE (Java) 5

  • The Chrome web browser will work with Blackboard. It does not, however, support Adobe Connect at this time. Adobe Connect is widely used in Internet courses.

  • Blackboard does not yet support Internet Explorer 11.

The following technologies are now supported since our last upgrade:

  • OSX 10.8/Safari 6.x support added

  • Windows 8 and IE10 support added (64 bit preferred)

Supported Technologies

Supported technologies are listed in the tables below. Find the operating system that you are using and then look across the table to see what web browsers are compatible. You want to use a browser that is either 'compatible' or 'certified' (preferably certified if possible). Only operating systems listed below are supported.

Important Note:

If you use Firefox or Google Chrome, only use the standard browser. Don't use another version such as one labeled 'beta'. You can download the standard version of Firefox here and the standard version of Google Chrome here. Remember, however, that while Google Chrome will work with Blackboard, it will not work with Adobe Connect.

Compatible Windows browsers

Mac compatible browsers

Note the following:

  • Internet Explorer 8 is only supported in Standards Mode.

  • Internet Explorer 9 is only supported in Standards Mode.

  • This is the last version of Blackboard to support Windows XP Operating System. Next time we Upgrade Blackboard, Windows XP will not be supported.